School Pond, Four Marks
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Our aim is to keep readers informed of activities taking place in the village and to report on what is happening in the many village clubs and associations. Regular features include:

The magazine is now in full colour from March 2014

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The magazine is published on the first Thursday of each month and is available, price 50p, from the retail outlets listed below:

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More than 20% of sales each month are to subscribers, which helps us to predict sales more accurately and minimise the number of unsold copies. The subscription year starts in March and the annual charge is £5.50, for all 12 copies of the Four Marks News. Download an application form here.

New subscribers are always welcome, so please send your remittance to the Business Manager, 1 Woodlark Place, Four Marks, GU34 5GD. Cheques should be made payable to Four Marks Village News.

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Subscriptions can start part way through the year, calculated on the basis of the number of months left to February. The charge for part year subscriptions is 50p each month, plus £1.50 a month if you want to have the magazine posted to you.

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