Kitwood Corner, Four Marks
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Current Members

Ian Fairclough, Assistant Editor, Four Marks News Ian Fairclough, Editor
14 Lymington Rise
Four Marks
GU34 5BA
01420 563929

Karen Heddon, Advertising, Four Marks News Karen Heddon, Advertising
29 Kingswood Rise
Four Marks
GU34 5BG
01420 562796

Assistant Editor
Helen Thompson

Dennis Bignell, Editor, Four Marks News Dennis Bignell, Business Manager
1 Woodlark Place
Four Marks
GU34 5GD
01420 563826

Keith Chambers, Circulation, Four Marks News Keith Chambers, Circulation
43a Blackberry Lane
Four Marks
GU34 5DF
01420 562616

Ann Skipp, Domestic Manager, Four Marks News Ann Skipp, Domestic Manager
12 Thorn Lane
Four Marks
GU34 5BT
01420 562857

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